PUFFINS – presenting our ART work on monoprinting

Gomersal Primary School Art: Year 4 Monoprinting

Last week, Year 5 had an excellent time, discovering monoprinting. We examined tribal patterns from many great African nations and noticed their links to nature and their environment. We then aimed to create our own simple patterns, inspired by nature, that were repeatable and relatively easy to create.

We used ink on whiteboards, rolled to a very thin layer, then drew patterns IN the ink with the ends of paintbrushes. We then laid paper on top (VERY carefully!) and used a clean roller to make an IMPRINT of our design.

Below are the photos of our processes and efforts: they came out really well and matched the brief of simplicity and using elements of nature!

Good show, Puffins… next week, we will recreate and make them repeatable, to form a collage of images!

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