Checking In – A quick post to all In Year 5

A quick call-out to all of Year 5, asking everyone (who has not done so, so far, these last 2 weeks) to write a quick comment below this post. We are wanting to check up on all our families and see if everyone is safe and well before we break for Easter.

A simple “Hello” or “I’m fine” will do just dandy… but please make sure you state your name fully, if it’s not obvious in your username:

So… my turn – “I’m fine. Mr Crickett here… although my cats keep pestering me for food!”

It’ll be lovely to hear from you all! Let’s get everyone on board and making a quick post!

Times Tables Rockstars Battle of the Bands

Well done to year 5 and year 6 who won the second Battle of the Bands between year groups. These are the results:

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Below are the top 3 most valuable players in each year group:

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It was an amazing effort from everyone who participated.

Currently we have year 6 battling against year 3 and Year 4 against year 5.

Keep safe

Mr Feitor

Maths – 3rd April – Fractions and Percentages

Happy Friday, Year 5!

I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend. Today we’ve got an activity using the Premier League Table. You will need to look at the top 5 teams (Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester City, Chelsea and Manchester United) and analyse the team form (the dots on the right of each team make it easy to see). Then you will need to find fractions and percentages to explain how the teams performed in their last 5 games. Feel free to include your own team!

NB: In this situation, a DRAW would have to count as a LOSS… well, they technically didn’t win the game!

Example: Crystal Palace won ⅗ of their last 5 games, meaning they won 60% of these games. They lost ⅖ of their games to Sheffield United and Everton, this shows they lost 40% of their last 5 games.

Premier League Table:
(Then change ‘Filter by matchweek’ to “5”)

Thursday Recipe answers:

Challenge –

Foundation – 3rd April – Science – ‘A New Planet’

YOUR TASK: To design your own new planet in our solar system

Last week we drew and researched the 8 planets in our solar system. This week, you will need to have a go at designing your own planet!

Remember what you have learnt about the planets and what a planet is. Use this knowledge to create a planet that could really exist…

You will need to include:

  1. The name of your newly discovered planet
  2. A drawing of the planet (coloured, if you have any coloured pencils… don’t worry if you don’t!)
  3. A description of what this planet looks like
  4. Where does it fit between other planets in the solar system? What position from the star?
  5. Does it have any moons (if so, how many)?
  6. How did you “discover” it?
  7. How long is the year, as well as a day, on this planet?

When you have finished, why not comment on the name of your new planet, and 1 interesting fact about it, on the blog to share with your friends!



And how about some classic fictional planets from Science Fiction…

Literacy- 3rd April

Happy Friday year 5 ,

Yesterday, we looked at the features of a balanced argument and read some interesting articles.

Today, your task is to plan for your own balanced argument. You can choose your own topic that your are interested in or you can do the topic we focused on earlier this week, which was should the voting age be lowered to 16.

You can create a table to organise the for and against points for your debate. In this table, you can write short bullet point notes.

Here is an example I did:

Remember with a balanced argument, you’re still arguing your own view but you also consider the opposing view and include that also.

. If you finish planning your argument today, you can start writing your balanced argument.

Comment below what topic you picked!

Have a great day 🙂

“Let’s Sing” – 2nd April – Suffragette Songs

We were learning a range of songs, in Singing Assemblies, that were actual examples of many sung by the Suffragettes as they were marching to protest. If you’re in the mood, have a try of these for this week, and we will post the rest in the following weeks!

We can share them here for you to practice and enjoy! Follow the Lyric Sheet provided and click on the YouTube links below: remember, the Suffragettes chose to create their own lyrics, so those won’t be on the videos… you can follow the sheet though!

Enjoy a good sing-song… ‘Two Pounds’ apologises for his absence, but he’s in self-isolation at school and is unable to come visit and perform! 😉



Rise up, Women
The Women’s Battle Song