Puffin Treat Afternoon tomorrow!

Form and Belonging in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) — The Vault  of Culture

As parents will have seen, tomorrow marks Puffins’ first Treat Afternoon – earned by good use of social distancing and following all of the school rules!

We will be having A Film Afternoon of ‘Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse’ as our main treat – a thrill for me as a huge fan of Marvel Comics and Peter Parker, but not knowing much about the modern era with Miles Morales… I’m honestly quite excited, as I haven’t seen it!!

Unfortunately, due to new events occurring at the school tomorrow morning, ‘Wearing Pyjamas to School’ as a side-treat, has had to be cancelled. It is for the best of reasons, and will simply mean we will postpone ‘PJ Day’ to the next treat afternoon (likely to be near Xmas).

Please ensure Puffin children come dressed in their regular clothes tomorrow, as they normally would (and have been since the start of this year).

Again, apologies to all for the short notice… but looking forward to our treat!

Your Wise-crackin’, Web-crawlin’ Teacher,

Mr. Crickett

Spellings Week 11

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We will continue to review all the Year 3 and 4 spellings until January. This week, pupils will work with spellings that have double vowel sounds in them.

Our words to learn this week (ready for testing NEXT week) are:
















Home learning support – 24.11.20: Science

Please remember to send your work to our Year 5 email address if you are completing this work at home.

Today for science we are going to be classifying living things based on their characteristics.

Living things are split into 5 KINGDOMS, which are:

We are going to be categorising living things in the Animalia Kingdom this week. Have a go at this game:


Then, try classifying these animals using the system we looked at last week:

Home Learning Support – 24/11/20 : Literacy

Today, we are focusing on the TEXT FEATURES of ‘argument’ textspersuasive writing designed to PERSUADE the reader to follow the writer’s POINT OF VIEW.

You will have experienced this idea before… we need to look at the way persuasive argument texts are written, as by Friday, we will be writing our own. Today, we want to find examples of how the text is LAID OUT (the structure), the STYLE (what elements of writing they use) and the LANGUAGE (the vocabulary used). We learn about these so that we can emulate (‘copy’) the same when we write our own…

Here is the file, to look at more closely:

Again, here is the SHARED, practice example to look at (see Page 3):



The last file is the main one to read and find features… the Checklist above may help know what to look for.


Please send us your work to the following email, but make sure you specify your name and your class:



Home Learning Support – 24/11/20: History

Morning! Today in History we are continuing our journey as history detectives. We will be looking at comparing sources about the Ancient Maya to our life today. You will need to draw out a ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ table and fill it in with your thoughts.


Let us look at a source:

From the source I can have a go at filling in a column of our ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ table:


Now, create your own table and fill it in based on the following sources:

When you have finished your table. Comment:

– 1 thing from the time of the Maya that is similar to your life today?
– 1 thing from the time of the Maya that is different to your life today?

Home Learning Support – 23/11/20: Literacy

Today, we are focusing on a different form of text: PERSUASIVE WRITING (specifically Argument forms). This week’s theme involves the very important issue of EQUAL PAY – that in this country (and around world), women are STILL paid LESS than men, simply because of their GENDER (male / female) – for doing exactly the same job. Hopefully, you already have an opinion whether you think this is FAIR or UNFAIR!

For example, last year, a BBC woman presenter was paid £440 per episode, compared to £3000 for the equivalent male presenter and went to court to fight for equal pay!

Today, the main tasks are to look for and record evidence of three things: FACTS / OPINIONS / BIAS.

Here is the text file for the PRACTICE version (where I have highlighted it to make it easier to spot…). Simply practice looking for Facts / Opinions / Bias first, before the WORK TASK of looking at another example, more independently.



Please send us your work to the following email, but make sure you specify your name and your class:



Heron Week 3

Hello Herons,

We had another great week in Heron Class.

We have been learning how to do some Taekwondo moves in P.E.

In maths we spent Monday and Tuesday mastering our long division skills and then spent the latter half of the week learning about fractions.

We had another go at sewing in DT, but this week we drew our own templates. There was such an improvement in our sewing skills and we came out with some amazing work!

In art, we used clay to make headdress for our Mayan Sculptures. We used tooth picks to create detailed carvings to show different aspects of Mayan life.

Another fantastic week!
Have a lovely weekend!
Best wishes,
Miss Snow

Cormorant Autumn 2 Week 3

This week we have continued looking at the Ancient Maya in a number of subjects including in History, DT, Art and Literacy (where we are getting close to finishing our Ancient Maya stories). In maths we have been getting to grips with fractions and we have our first display of the year. A big thank you to Miss Nichols for helping us get our PSHE posters about road safety up on display in such a creative way!